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Hiroshi Fujiwara sports players released a Nike All Court Low spy 2012-06-30 09:53:23 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Empty Island] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 30 hearing, fragment design have recently launched the action, when all eyes are focused on the fragment design x Cole Haan shoes time. Hiroshi Fujiwara has quietly released a Nike All Court Low spy photos, we can see that this fragment design All Court Canvas Low overall use of the canvas material production, all-white shoes are also really too simple point, and focus on the design of the heel canceled the previous word NIKE, replaced by the letters L and R, representing the left and right foot. Use All Court again, there are indeed a little nothing new, and possibly even the "pills" Lightning LOGO nor the fragment design cooperation models, you will pay for it? As I also really want to make a heart big question mark. But there is no specific information which remains to be a complete picture of this announcement. & nbsp; Related newsin mid January, we've seen this year's Jordan Brand offering a Jordan Brand Strawberry Splash suite including Air Jordan, 1 Phat, and Air Jordan 5. Now, the Air Jordan Retro 5 GS in this suit has been exposed. In order to reflect the Strawberry Splash (strawberry juice splash), the Air Jordan Retro 5 GS with a white shoe, collocation with bright red in the bottom lining. In addition, the tongue also features a green 3M reflector. The package confirmation is on sale in August. Packer Shoes, a well-known sneaker shop from New Jersey, USA, teamed up with Saucony again to launch a brand new joint shoes Packer Shoes, x, Saucony, Hangtime, Hi Brown Snake; from the name you can see that the shoes are brown and snake leather as the theme. Shoes to Saucony's classic basketball shoes Hangtime as the starting point, the shoe selected to high-quality brown pig suede leather brown white snakeskin collocation part presentation, midsole and rubber outsole is casual. The shoe program will begin at on April 4th Packer Shoes online and offline for sale at $100. Adidas Originals is still not able to demand its NMD R1 to find a new breakthrough, and has been in the limelight of the cheap jordans for sale Tonal series also had to comeback for its revival. This brand will bring back the red, black and white three versions of this paragraph, the shoe body adopts lightweight breathable mesh material, and signs of Boost corrosion and the epicenter bottom signature block were stable and the shoe body to maintain the same tone. adidas-nmd-r1-tonal-pack-restock.jpg (283.4 KB, download number: 5) download adidas NMD R1 Tonal series again shelves 2017-2-15 12:34 upload adidas-nmd-tonal-pack-red-white-black-restock-1.jpg (162.49 KB, download number: 6) download adidas NMD R1 Tonal series again shelves 2017-2-15 12:34 upload adidas-nmd-tonal-pack-red-white-black-restock-2.jpg (133.44 KB, download number: 5) download adidas NMD R1 Tonal series again shelves 2017-2-15 12:34 upload adidas-nmd-tonal-pack-red-white-black-restock-3.jpg (118.42 KB, download number: 5) download adidas NMD R1 Tonal series again shelves 2017-2-15 12:34 Adidas NMD R1 Tonal upload, 0020131209111644_81787.png (691.85 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:39 upload 20131209111641_17505.png (681.4 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:39 upload 20131209111645_20442.png (581.63 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:40 upload 20131209111642_54828.png (610.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:40 upload 20131209111654_52746.png (604.43 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:42 upload 20131209111653_77949.png (662.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:41 upload 20131209111651_95190.png (511.16 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 11:41 upload 20131209111648_40446.png (744.02 KB, download number: 0)recently a version of the Air Jordan Sample hook 1 show to us quietly.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a big ad in the Chinese-speaking world since the fall of ignoring the national religion and national sentiment target audience, Nike in China suffered a cultural trap. ? Beijing on June 15, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, away fighting the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs did not give the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Lord any face - even after who in the final outbreak of tens of seconds, hit three-pointers to score closer, but the Spurs still forfeit victory over the Ca cheap air jordans valiers to 4: 0 score total swept defending success. hundreds of millions of Chinese fans in front of the TV to witness what is known as "little emperors" James's look of frustration, who by critics as "the god of basketball," Michael? Jordan successors feather boy when to lead his team to create a dynasty, became the talk of the fans. Influence In a few months before, another with "little emperors" in China-related messages generated by the whole Chinese world, it seems, and spiritual inspiration than his skills on the court more larger. creative of "Saw" As one of the world's leading sports equipment brand, Nike, at the same time continue to develop new products, for the production of advertising propaganda has been sparing no effort its classic advertising slogan "Justdoit" has gained recognition and its strong brand appeal and advertising creative and ingenious idea, also cited a number of stars suck. end of 2004, Nike had just for the protagonist to shoot the one called "Saw," the ad by entering the NBA draft, James soon. Ad, James walked in the tunnel leading to the stadium, suddenly a bright light and took him to the first floor of a five-story building, boarded a separate altar made of stone lions around, dressed in purple robes Taoist heaven. James knocked with acrobatic movements this represents a "false exaggeration" of opponents and flying dunk, but also through the first challenge to a young player true superstar on the growth path. Lens follow James took second layer, this part of the animation performance. Flying notes and floating like China Feitian fairy stands for "temptation", they tried to stop the advance of James. James flying broken buckle rebounds, money and women also will fall apart - with the action star to express resistance to all kinds of temptations. The third floor of the building is typical of martial arts, martial arts nunchaku person hand dance represents the "jealous", they collectively to James provocation, he was stunned James came out on top . The fourth layer back to the animation, two Chinese dragon vomit smoke, and ghosts on behalf of "complacency" in followed out. James with skillful dribbling skills go past all the enemies shooting. The last layer is the open platform of the b Cheap jordans online uilding, there is also the climax of the entire ad. James faces competition from their own, on behalf of the "self-doubt." Under Chinese railings, cornices, pagodas and against a background of Shanghai Oriental Pearl, James and "own" launched a one to one singled out. Self is always the most difficult to break through the barriers, and James dunk with penetration and kick flew rival body, the end of the war, also declared a young player to break through all the barriers to becoming a superstar. can say that this is a very creative and market targeted ads, full of Chinese elements. And wherein the cool feeling full of Japanese animation, American hip hop, martial arts and Chinese NBA star, also is Nike's target consumer groups - teenagers very loved. in Nike's view, "Saw" to promote a positive attitude towards life. Nike hopes to encourage young people to face the fear and move forward. As a young man, even in a field such as James, the leader would continue to face the fear from all sides, only by adhering to and overcome fear, self-defeat, will continue to grow. Also proved, from the simple "creative" speaking, "Saw" is excellent. According to Nike's statistics, the advertising time in a month after playing the Nike website, it has more than 2.65 million people were watching through the network. fall in cultural conflicts However, the fact that a number of factors, but can not let this by the American advertising agency in Tokyo WiedenKennedy office responsible for the production, mainly for Asian and American audiences The creative advertising continued to broadcast in China. "see the emergence of Chinese people have been defeated, and China Figure Dragon's image, I think it detrimental to the image of Chinese people ...... image and advertising dollars to fly together, tarnished the Chinese culture, and even insulted the Chinese people. "In broadcast advertising for some time, the audience said. Another viewer said, "the ad itself is very creative, but people feel a little uncomfortable. 'Chinese people' naked image of the dragon is defeated, people think Nike did not respect the Chinese people, it is the an insult to the Chinese symbol. " And his view has also been a considerable part of people's identity. assistant re Cheap air jordans for sale searcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences Li Zhiguo opinion, "Saw" appeared in the image of Chinese people and were defeated, we can not say it is a deliberate action, perhaps closer to China Nike wanted audiences, But "controversy audience mainly from cultural differences between countries." Li Zhiguo said that advertising in the slightly cultural discrimination. This ad by the American theme of cultural expressions, and defeated the Chinese "culture", young people after reading, it is easy to be attracted to overcome process, and gradually accepted, and are willing to buy their products. Although China had a player this ad television said, "Saw" Several people involved China's image ?? "and broadcast advertising is also" not contrary to "Advertising Law". "But more and more from public discontent, had to make authorities to reconsider their position. After the ad aired in more than a month, SARFT official to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities radio and television bureau (Hall) and Central Under Television issued a "stop playing immediately" Saw "commercials notice." SARFT's Web site, the ad violated the relevant provisions of the "Broadcast television advertising should safeguard national dignity and interests, respect for Chinese traditional culture" . While the marketing director of Nike Pan Jianhua of China said that China has 1.3 billion people, some of which may have some different ideas, saying the company wanted to encourage young people to face the fear, improve themselves, but to apologize to Chinese consumers imperative After the ad off the air through its public relations agent in China issued a statement of apology, said:. "Nike for 'Saw' ads in some consumer who caused concern apologize. Nike has no intention to express any disrespect Chinese culture. " Also some people think," Saw "has been triggered very strong dissatisfaction in China, and a number of possible" political "factors, because the advertising design from Japan before, there are some Japanese companies production of advertising related to the political sensitivity of the issue, these ads are automatically replaced later down. For example, in China is more than a magazine Toyota ads, two lions in salute to the Toyota Land Cruiser overbearing SUV and bowed. The feeling of being "insulted" and "discrimination" is not just the Chinese audience, in Chinese-speaking world, "Saw" is also a stone draws thousands of pounding waves. It is said that when the "Saw "The series of ads are printed into 16 open size poster in Singapore more than 700 large and small bus stop publicity column, these beautifully patterned poster caused widespread protests in Singapore masses. Local industry sources said," ad looks brazen and flashy, but very compelling, "and that" it was a deliberate act. "The local ethnic Chinese Singapore is jointly petitioned the government to require this ad a" strike hard ". facts may be able to prove that Nike is not really intentional, nor any disrespect to China - said that "Saw" creative and spiritual connotations from Chinese star Bruce Lee's last movie "death tower", James ? I am a fan of Bruce Lee; and creative director Jim ????? WiedenKennedy most admired person is Mao, he is also in possession of a ???? Andy Mao portrait painting - but, precisely because of neglect of the target audience? national faith and national sentiment, Nike in China suffered a cultural trap, also had to swallow the bitter pill to lose a great idea.these two days, BMW has announced a new 730Li BMW luxury sedan in Sanya. Behind the modern luxury, but also the mechanism of human nature and heritage of the re interpretation. The intelligent technology into the automotive field, make the product more humane, just in line with the core of today's product concept. intelligent areas continue to extend the scope of the recently released a also is the top of the configuration of light passenger TSINOVA intelligent electric bicycle. Car and bicycle, seemingly no relationship, but also quite a source of reality, the two also will be intelligent sensing technology into the daily travel, to bring about the future of unlimited possible travel. understanding light passenger TSINOVA wisdom electric bicycle products friends all know, light passenger wisdom electric bicycle equipped with a VeloUP!? the wisdom of the power system, it can through the built-in torque sensor and cadence sensor, speed sensor, real-time read rider intention, and independent judgment conditions, under different road conditions instantaneous output corresponding auxiliary power, the system accuracy, response speed is need, can bus data transmission to achieve. Because the data to collect 3 sensors at the same time, making the vehicle system to control the difficulty of the increase, the traditional point to point communication can not be effective operation of the. to solve this problem, light off the use of a wide range of applications in the automotive industry CAN bus distributed control system. CAN bus developed by the German BOSCH company, the first application in the BMW 7 series cars. Free communication can be realized between each intelligent node. The image of the point that the application of the CAN bus is like all the sensors and controllers to pull a WeChat group inside, all the information and data sharing. Group chat this way to enhance the efficiency of data transmission, communication rates up to 1Mbps (MB per second). CAN bus only through two wires connect all intelligent nodes, greatly simplifies the layout of the body line. In addition, due to the CAN bus transmission is a differential signal, so the ability to resist interference, improve the stability and reliability of the product. through the sensor system and CAN bus, light off the wisdom of electric bicycle to achieve the "wisdom" of the two main features: at any time to perceive the external environment is different; automatically make an accurate response. Because of this, light passenger car is a car automatic transmission of electric bicycle, can let users when riding without thinking and operating stalls, carefree carefree enjoy the best experience. intelligent electric bicycle, the wisdom of the core nature is indispensable. Fly think Carl Auto level CPU processing chip, make the concept of human vehicle interactions possible anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone app dynamic regulation, riding data monitoring, navigation and positioning, let the car to learn your driving habits, let you have a car you know better. in addition, light passenger TSINOVA more is the OBD car diagnostic system to complete the wireless performance of the firmware upgrade, the driving mode is more in line with the owners of the habit and demand; also equipped with three proofings lamp for a full LEDIP66 to ensure nocturnal Security 〉Nike launched Nike Flyknit Collective 2013-12-08 22:27:15 Nike invite innovators from different disciplines and cultural fields, to work together for the performance of Nike Flyknit abstract advantage of innovative technologies into concrete practicality structure, a unique way that benefits the global community. Said composition creator Nike Flyknit Collective, they draw inspiration from the Nike Flyknit technology to performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability principles to create, to create a unique space and provide a unique experience, in order to outstanding technology and Nike Flynit global community of tribute. Each innovators are associated with these principles has a unique relationship, they are all extraordinary accomplishments in their fields of expertise, covered areas architecture, modern art, natural sciences, sustainable construction, furniture design and visual arts. They will use from the community workshop at the data collected from the public as a framework for the creation of a work of art. & nbsp; We first global ad preview circumstances Nike Flyknit Collective: the modern artist Ernesto Neto starting from July 26 in London Nike shows a mesh apparatus 1948 stores. Weaving handicrafts in its functional aspects are very helpful for athletes to finish after heat and stretch. The final entries will be completed in September in Rio de Janeiro, as a sporting event in the world for the next session of the gift of the host country. Since then, there are five Nike Flyknit Collective members will be original works displayed in major cities worldwide. & Nbsp; New York, the architect responsible for Jenny Sabin, Shanghai is responsible for the green industrial designer Arthur Hwang, London is responsible by the United Visual Artists Association, Milan and Tokyo by Lot-ek Architects responsible. They between August and September will be responsible in their respective cities for original works displayed. & Nbsp; the ultimate goal is a new Nike original way in the global incentive community development, adhering to the creative community between Nike and long tradition of cooperation, and promote the development of sports and innovation. & Nbsp;