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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Adidas soccer DNA in the blood is still full of vitality, the first openly challenge Adidas, Nike also unashamedly. World Cup for any professional football players are the pinnacle of life events. They may want to join together a lifetime of efforts to have a chance to reach the final of the World Cup right. For the sporting goods company, which means that once every four years, "War of the Worlds." Outside Games, Nike and Adidas have been fighting broke out in advance, their goal is to compete for the world's biggest sports brands. 2013, Nike global turnover of 25.3 billion US dollars in the global sporting goods market occupies 14.6% of the share; Adidas sales revenue, compared to 14.5 billion euros (about 20.1 billion US dollars), accounting for the 11.4% of share. But in football, Adidas stay ahead of this year sales of football products, the two sides announced forecast of view, Nike and Adidas were $ 2 billion and $ 2.8 billion. For both sides, the World Cup is bound to compete in the battlefield. "Into the imperial bandits or defeated," Adidas marketing theme of this year's World Cup, which aptly expressed subtle. Of course, the phrase of the Declaration is also timely to express the feelings of Adidas, Nike because its biggest rival this year won ten national teams and six top players of sponsorship, for the first time surpassed it. Nike vowed to "fight on everything," Adidas boss coveted position in the football field. party is the official sponsor of the World Cup 60 years of origin, wearing a history of glory; one is marketing players, vowed to Fun this football event. adidas: Cheng Huang or defeated Cole For many years reelection "Football products brand" Adidas in this year's World Cup in Brazil we would like to continue. football-theme of the film works, the most famous and classic one is the German film "The Miracle of Bern." The background story of the film is the 1954 World Cup finals. July 4, 1954, the two seem not in a middleweight rivals such as on - Hungary and the former West Germany in Berne, Switzerland square ???? stadium clashed. Today, Hungary is no longer a top team, but in the 1950s, it had held in the European Cup, the Olympics and other international events over the five-year unbeaten record, which is considered sure to win. Finally, the film looks good bully weak strategy with former West Germany, will and luck in the final of the football Giants knocked out the then Hungarian team. In this film, someone saw the family, someone saw the spirit of sport, it was to see the history of postwar Germany. Adidas is the former West Germany to see the players wore Adidas first with a rotary, adjustable skid shoes nails. This innovative shoes in the environment at the time the rain brings unique advantages for the former West Germany, so that the outcome of reversal. Since then, Adidas and the World Cup are inseparable. Product innovation in the field of football is becoming Adidas most proud of competitiveness. "for Adidas football products, both sales revenue, innovation, or brand awareness and credibility, we are the world's first brand." Vice President of Adidas Greater China market department Meng book Man (Simon Millar) He said Adidas has deep soccer heritage and cultural heritage, but also have the ability to innovate, there are more than 80 researchers working on the development of new materials, technologies and products every day in order to ensure the continuation of innovation. 2014 Adidas's performance will undoubtedly usher in a high growth. ? Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) is expected, said: "This year, our operating income will increase 1 billion euros to 1.2 billion euros (about $ 1.4 billion to $ 1.6 billion), of Cheap air jordans for sale which the World Cup will play a very important role. " This means that its sales this year will grow by 7% to 8%. But Heiner also admitted that in soccer shoes business areas, Adidas is facing from Nike's "hand in hand" competition, including the same is true in the German market. How to compete for the attention of the fans in the World Cup this quadrennial soccer event, for Adidas is increasingly difficult challenges. Adidas World Cup marketing theme "into the imperial or defeated bandits", much Last Stand of the mean. official sources Of course, as an official sponsor, Adidas has many opponents no "official" resources. Early in December 2013, Adidas released a Brazilian World Cup official ball "Brazil Glory (Brazuca)", for the World Cup marketing campaign ever began. Adidas since 1970, began to provide official World Cup match ball, every time a new design, but each session will make some improvements in product performance. And the last is different, Brazuca package made only by the six polyurethane sphere, in order to improve the accuracy of the ball; each piece between the spherical also used thermal bonding technology replaces seam technology to prevent the ball absorbs moisture in rainy environment After the performance was affected. Before officially released, Brazuca experienced two and a half development cycle, and through 10 countries around the world in more than 600 top players and 30 teams of inspection to ensure the best performance of football. These players including Macy's hottest superstars such. "If 1954 was a World Cup finals match ball used in this case, I think at that time two teams should be very pleased." Meng book Man said. According to Meng book diffuse sources, technological innovations have been reflected to the market level, so far, Brazuca has sold more than four years ago, the level of the same period of the World Cup in South Africa. Adidas stores located in China, this football is placed in the most prominent position, and several latest sneakers together, as a key recommendation of the product. In all football categories of products, a category of shoes is the most market value. Adidas World Cup, launched a new variety of shoes, including the world's first soccer shoes knitted fabrics Samba Primeknit and "holy war fighting boots" series. In the "holy war fighting boots" series, one bright spot is, Zero f50 Messi, this shoe is only 165 grams, is one of the lightest soccer shoe business. In the mass market, to provide consumers with Adidas soccer shoes four categories, including comfort, energy type, speed type and control type, namely whether it is in the arena of what position or what style of play, there is always a right for Adidas shoes. located in Shanghai Huaihai Road Adidas Brand Center "cube", a store employee, said, "predator" is the most Chinese consumers like the style, the key parts of the shoe contact spherical silicone are affixed to form a "short pass zone", "long pass zone", to help better control the football, "predator control means, generally by the captain or the team members play a central role in the dress." Although the Chinese team did not make the World Cup finals, but in the market level, the Chinese market should not be overlooked. '' Leading to the 2015 road 'strategy is close to the ultimate goal of "high Skyline director of Adidas Greater China general manager, said Adidas in China currently has more than 7600 stores, these stores have covered more than 900 cities and towns. Last Stand Star teams and players do endorsements is undoubtedly the most powerful brand exposure mode, Adidas has been the focus of competition with rivals. "among the last World Cup semi-final match in which there are three teams can be said Adidas team, and finally won the first and se cheap air jordans cond players are also the Adidas Golden Boot team player." Meng book Man said. World Cup Adidas sponsored the nine finalists of the team, including the last World Cup champions Spain, in addition to Argentina and Germany also have hope to win the team. In addition, Adidas also sponsored football Messi and other top-ranking star. But the new challenges facing this session of Adidas is the number of teams and players sponsored by Nike biggest competitors are more than himself. But Meng book Man still believe 2014 will be another record year for Adidas football. "We expect sales in the global football family to achieve 2 billion euros, if the target is successfully completed, Adidas will become the first football series record of 2 billion euros breakthrough brand." To do this, Adidas spare no effort to wearing combat gear and boots Adidas team, the players increased exposure. For example, Adidas and large female idol group AKB48 cooperation in Japan to the Japanese national team to make AKB48 platform, through this competition to promote Japan's special shirts, and consumers closer together. Now, Adidas fans are exchanges with China in various ways. "For example, we will ask some to speak of our stars, celebrities like what the national team, which will cheer for the national team, contact with the World Cup by these stars stand up". Meng book Man said that although the Chinese national team was not able to appear in the World Cup finals, but still enthusiastic Chinese fans, a lot of people said they would stay up late to watch the game. Adidas hope that through their own social media platforms interact with these fans. For China's specific environment, QQ, micro letters are major Internet communication channels. In the Chinese market, Adidas has organized a professional "team to watch" in real time to watch the game, and to comment on the degree of competition among the exciting, tournament scores. The outstanding performance of the players and moments, will be placed on top of social media platforms to go. Also, according to Meng book diffuse sources, after the race began, Adidas will be a day to do the night before through social media platforms on a review of the game, "so that those who can not stay up late watching fans will not have to fall behind, can still friends talk. " communicate with consumers through social media for adidas is also a new attempt, in 2010 South Africa World Cup, the social media platform is not very popular. This year, the Adidas World Cup advertising on video, playing in the Champions League final when, within 24 hours of the global network traffic to reach 25 million. A few years ago a similar ad clicks to get the same amount of time you need to spend four weeks. Thus, in the current marketing campaign, Adidas proportion of investment in social media has greatly improved. To leave consumers more recently, Adidas Roadshow in various cities in China and store activities for the World Cup will be the highlight of these forms allow people who can not visit the contest site also has a sense of participation. For example, Beijing Sanlitun Adidas adidas Brand Center will launch the first consumer interactive activities in China, for a period of 30 days. During this period, a robot will be placed at the entrance Sanlitun goalkeeper. This robot is the world's best goalkeeper goalkeeper, even if such a football star Lionel Messi from his hand to score a goal it is very difficult. "If he did go to a ball, I am afraid that someone unplugged the power of the robot, and will not let Macy disgrace." Meng book Man said, consumers are able to test their skills in small here. Nike: Redefining football Nike is challenging the dominance of Adidas football and trying to tell a new story of football. Black Skull, Bu cheap air jordans rning dice and football, here is a skeleton hands, pointing to the door Beijing pasture land Three Shadows Art Centre. May 19 evening, passers-by saw the signs of hard to imagine that the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike is hosting a press conference here. This is actually Nike started the 2014 World Cup campaign in China's swearing in ceremony, since the old rivals Adidas has been the official sponsor of the World Cup, the whole event has avoided the term "World Cup", but with "this summer's football event "to refer to. Each event will become a sports Nike and Adidas battlefield, but the World Cup is particularly strong smell of gunpowder. "Football is our company's DNA. We want to clearly prove that he is a leader on the football market." Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner (Herbert Hainer) said rudely. In the press conference, Sima Pei Nike vice president of Greater China Marketing (Simon Pestridge) "Financial World" magazine said, Nike has gone beyond the opponent, "We're just 20 years to become the first brand of football. It really was a great journey. " The conference is named "fight on everything", the scene could barely see the familiar hook NIKE LOGO, replaced by a "risk on everything", and black skull. Nike is implied that he will fully bet on the World Cup this summer, beating German rival Adidas, becoming the first major soccer equipment brand. Bo all Nike officially entered the football field for 20 years, and now finally and Adidas under a high strength. Before the event, Sima Pei accepted the six media interviews, time and again he tells stories about the Nike Cup. According to Sima Pei saying, Nike football field this year for the first time surpass Adidas. You know, Nike entered the soccer field before 1994, Adidas in the mid-1920s he produced the first double skin nail soccer shoes. In 1954, the World Cup in Switzerland, it is Adi? Dassler provided the world's first embedded screw rotating soccer shoes soccer team won the World Cup to help the German crown. However, according to this year's expected sales data released by the two sides, Nike football market is expected to more than 2 billion US dollars, Adidas reached $ 2.8 billion. The gap is not too big, but Adidas is still ahead. This means that Nike soccer snatch "throne" does not refer to sales. When it comes to the influence of two brands of this elimination He rose, Nike did during the World Cup ??????? sponsor more teams, especially the top players more. From the number brought to the team into the World Cup finals, is 10 Nike, Adidas only nine. More critical is the host of this year's most eye-catching Nike signed the Brazilian team is the team. In terms of players, Nike has Portuguese star Cristiano? Ronaldo (hereinafter referred to as C Lo), last year he helped Nike sell more than one million shirts. sports marketing research agency Repucom released a new ranking report showed the world's most commercial appeal of Ten football star, six people were into football Nike camp, Adidas signed only three, and another one belonging to Puma . From this perspective, Adidas in trouble. The fact is that too much attention in recent years, Adidas fashion and not all the energy used in sports, in contrast, they signed a lot of entertainment stars, such as Yao Chen, Angelababy, Jolin Tsai and woman Japanese idol group AKB48 and the like. This will undoubtedly find an opportunity for Nike. But Sima Pei Nike prefer to emphasize their own efforts, "we do not measure the competition. We will only look at themselves and their potential. We are more concerned about the long-term development. We have always believed that there is a place in the Nike soccer field, this has been driving us forward. No matter how competitors, we have to motivate yourself to do better every da jordans on sale mens y. " Nike is also more willing to emphasize their innovative spirit in football terms. March of this year, Nike released the 2014 World Cup in Spain, the latest football boots Magista, the core technology is still Flyknit. The technology from the date of birth on the controversial, but with the way the production of woven shoes do have a subversive meaning. With this technology, it was named the nation last year, Nike's 50 most innovative companies first "Fast Company" magazine. 2012 ?? Flyknit first to be applied to running shoes, followed by the beginning of this year KOBE 9 Elite basketball shoes. And compared to previous products, Magista feature is look more like socks, not a pair of shoes. This design was inspired by the professional players. In the design Magista, the vice president of Nike design Martin? Ancelotti get the most feedback from the athletes is that they want to get a pair with spikes, "socks", "This is a figurative sense, that is lightweight football shoes, so we with the Flyknit technology. " C Lo is the moment one of the fastest players, Ancelotti said he is better to have a pair of shoes can be barefoot but with spikes. first professional needs Nike's many innovations come from the needs of professional athletes. According to Ancelotti revealed, Magista shoes is to provide assists to the football field, who's mission is to provide an opportunity for the field forward, rather than their own goal. Therefore, the design of shoes with special affixed to the foot, the ball to be sensitive, so the surface of the shoes using 3D knitting technology, "so let friction ball and the ball particularly well, while using a conical spikes spikes, so let feet on the grass turned particularly vulnerable from a technical and design, this shoe are conducive playmaker. " This shoe definitely been a number of players. "It's a very unique fit, wear it even feel it's there. It makes me on the court to make the required action instinctively, and more confident." Barcelona midfielder Andrea? Iniesta said . In fact, Nike also for the players to customize their exclusive boots. For example, C Lo has an additional requirement, that is, on the soles of feet below the position of the thumb nail to pay more, he thought it would run when the grip is stronger. athlete every request Nike design team will try to meet, as the star C Luo will not exception. "Nike has its own design team, we do different players for different design requirements, we will accept their demands, then go to meet because of Nike's mission is to meet the needs of different athletes." Ancelotti said, "A beautiful design make athletes more confident, play better." Another star Neymar also set forth requirements for the position of the big toe. Neymar says he needs a pair of two-step between a guard can get rid of football shoes. So, Nike's design team in between the toes left thumb and index finger a crack, so that when he stomp force rapidly when it is the big toe toe stomp, rather than the entire foot. Nike designers to give it a name called "Wasps." "We put Neymar of 'Wasps' likened to a deadly viper, Yijizhiming instantly hit the opponent." Ancelotti said. In the jersey design, Ancelotti was deeply impressed player for protection requirements. "When we asked the players in the game what kind of protection they need, many people to show us their hips above the scars and bruises fall when slipping in the game, it is likely to cause such harm. Several players have to show us these same injury, so we add more corresponding protective measures, taking into account the light and breathable needs. "Ancelotti will centralize these comments, the final design of the men's football shorts do the adjustment, enhanced protection. Also, in order to ensure that each shirt Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale can maximize the fit body, Nike uses 3D body scanning system to scan for each athlete, according to their data for draping jersey. "This summer's football event in Brazil to accelerate our pace of innovation, because we want to provide a full range of benefits to athletes in the world's top stage." Nike President and CEO Mark? Parker said. away from home In fact, only the top players will feel shirts, shoes nuances of difference. For ordinary consumers, these technical effects look so cool and not so iffy, a youth coach believes the same is true even for the average player, "a footballer's performance on the pitch depends on the individual level 99% , shoes is good or bad is the remaining 1%. " However, people familiar with the history of Nike knows that Nike's approach is widely disseminated endorsement athletes excellent performance to inspire ordinary athletic potential. This trick tested, Nike is the football from basketball to copy its products. A small problem is that since 1970, Adidas has been the World Cup official ball supplier, but with the World Cup sponsorship contract until 2030. Nike is not the marketing front, not even mention the World Cup in your ad. However, good marketing, Nike, if not the main sponsor of the same ease. A data is that in the 2012 Olympic Games, the United States 1034 consumer survey showed that 34 percent of consumers mistakenly believe that Nike is the London Olympic partners, while only 24% of the visitors are given the correct answer - Adidas It is the real money that one. Nike's World Cup propagation emphasis fell C Ronaldo and Brazil body. Ancelotti is very clear on this point, as the Swiss support when asked what his team, he did not hesitate to choose Brazil. He explained that, while his country's past results are not a good team, on the other hand, Brazil is one of Nike's most important cooperative team. As early as March 5 this year, in a friendly match between Brazil and South Africa, the Nike-sponsored World Cup jersey has been unveiled in advance. The audience sees the first half wearing Nike Brazil home jersey battle, the second half put away shirt. Outside shirts, Nike has also developed players to participate in the media conference, leisure, surfing and other recreational models, increase brand exposure opportunities. and similar tailored for the players, Nike has also developed a different marketing solutions for different markets. For example, the national team missed the World Cup finals in the market, communication strategies will be different. "In China we will arrange more resources during the contest begins, rather than as before begins a large-scale spread like other markets for Chinese consumers, when the game is close, they began to gradually attention and arouse the interest . "Sima said Pei. Another customized for the Chinese consumer activity is "fight who wins," football. This is Nike according to their "risk on everything" slogan orchestrated a small football. Party rule after scoring a goal, the other the next person will be fined; if then into the second ball, no matter which party is automatically win. May 19 evening, at Three Shadows makeshift football field, Nike invited the singer awake, host Li Xiang and former striker Xu Yang, Yang Pu, who demonstrate a "fight who wins." From the end of May to mid-August, Nike will conduct a series of "fight wins" campaign competition system, the use of the summer to allow more youth football fans accept and participate. The most important of course, how to seize the limelight Adidas during the World Cup tournament. In this regard, good manufacturing topics Nike refused to divulge details in advance. "Nike football is only 20 years old. We are looking forward to the next 20 years." Sima Pei topic all of a sudden pull very far. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Reebok teamed up with American designer and retailer Steven Alan Instapump to create a new Fury. As the shoes design with simple concept, tone Jane Black, broken lime, white leather, synthetic fabrics, suede three material collocation highlights the texture. This double Reebok Instapump Fury will be officially on sale in August 16th. BbsImg140787161114913_1024-683.jpg (18.46 KB, download number: 0) download Steven Alan x Reebok Instapump Fury 2014-8-13 08:52 upload BbsImg14078716155851_1024-683.jpg (26.67 KB, download number: 0) download Steven Alan x Reebok Instapump Fury 2014-8-13 08:52 upload BbsImg140787161738726_1024-683.jpg (21.75 KB, download number: 0) download Steven Alan x Reebok Instapump Fury 2014-8-13 08:52 Steven Alan Reebok, upload, Instapump Fury 00 according to the Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded, has now entered the spring "back to the South", but to control the European footwear products DMF added to use. Because recently, the EU "official gazette" published in the European Commission Decision No. 2012/48/EU, the resolution of "No. 2009/251/EC member countries will not guarantee a biocide containing two methyl fumarate (DMF) products on the market or sales of the product" effective date until March 15, 2013, this is the third time extension of the resolution. resolution: ban all containing two methyl fumarate (DMF) products on the EU market; the content of DMF on the EU market products more than 0.1 mg / kg (0.1ppm), has been regarded as the products containing DMF; the resolution applies to all consumers use or may be designed for consumers to use products, i.e. include product and packaging pouch desiccant, nor fungicide containing DMF. according to the inspection and quarantine departments in Shenzhen, DMF is two methyl fumarate, is a biocide used as preservatives used in products, leather, footwear, textile production, storage and transportation, to prevent the leather parts or objects with damp mildew deterioration. In recent years, although the EU to strengthen the detection of two methyl fumarate, but still continue to inform the cause consumers to contact two methyl fumaric acid containing shoes, leather sofas, and skin allergy, acute eczema and burns of the case, the third extension of the validity of the ban, the EU to visible detection work is still two methyl fumarate very seriously. in this regard, Shenzhen inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant enterprise: one is to continue to do the raw material feed detection work, control of exports to the EU footwear DMF added, especially DMF content of desiccant, bags and other small parts of the mold, make leather, desiccant or mildew tablets and other raw materials of laboratory testing work in advance. The two is to strengthen the communication with customers, good customer before delivery confirmation and acceptance of work, and keep the relevant inspection report, clarify their respective responsibilities, reduce or avoid the occurrence of the goods be informed, return or claim etc. caused economic losses. Three is to continue to strengthen product technology upgrading, research and development, or looking for new environmentally friendly materials to replace the use of DMF, in order to protect products meet the requirements of the European Union, while continuing to improve product competitiveness. (Editor: afnhk)Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoe brand story:Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoe heels medium "noble ". Have a pair of Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the woman of your dreams, even the major suit star who is also its fanatical pursuit. If Armani is Oscar awards " uniforms ", so Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the Oscar ceremony " only designated shoes ". A phrase to describe Manolo Blahnik shoes ( Manolo Blahnik ) is: " Manolo Blahnik high-heeled shoes will provoke lust. "Success: Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoes no matter how high the price is, always has just launched a few weeks sold. Just as he said: " we're talking about Lun is the use of traditional manual method for making shoes. Of course, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) high heels are more expensive, but the price is not too. "The designer Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) story:Over the years the Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) has been a fashion legend, and was hailed as the world's greatest shoemaker. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) elegant and unique design of the shoe, flowing with sexy lines, is willing to spend 400 pounds to buy a pair of Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) customers there are plenty of people who.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) was born in 1943 in Spain 's Canary Islands banana plantation, whose mother is Spanish, his father is Czech person. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) and sister Evangeline ( Evangeline ) was subject to strict tutor, from their demeanor to feel the old good upbringing. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) in Geneva to learn the language and art, 1968, Manolo came to Paris, determined to become a stage designer.On 1970, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) visited New York to design their own shoes show " Vogue " magazine USA Edition edited by Diana Vreeland ( see Diana Vreeland ). Diane Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoes much appreciated, and encouraged him to play in this regard and continues to pursue advanced studies. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) began to visit the shoe factory, and operation workers mutual exchange, London was the most famous designer Osciel Clark ( Ossie Clark ) uses he made shoes, and ask him to launch their own design series. From then on Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) career started on the right track. In 1973, his " Cher 20 " shoe store opened.Now, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) most of the time working in Italy. He is a true craftsman, even also have hands-on production of shoe lasts. He also drew a large number of design sketches, these sketches became Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) the blueprint for advertising, appeared in fashion magazines around the world. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) rarely stop work, as he often travel for work outside. As the fashion circle "regular " member, he often appeared in the famous exhibition front position. In a rare vacation time, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) will return to the home of bath, or to the Canary Islands to visit his mother.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the world's most elegant of the men costume. His public image is always be the pink of perfection. He hated the so-called men's fashion, for nearly twenty years, his dress is always a double-breasted suit.Moro Blahnik in love ( Manolo Blahnik ) heels famous stars:Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) heels female customers most is a great reputation figures: Madonna, Naomi Watts, Kate, Nicole, Kidman and so on. Over the years, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) produced by the senior men's shoes for many good men favor.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) for John Galiano, Mike Cole ( Michael Kors ), fashion designer shoes. His design always has one's own knack in, but never cover up the fashion design.The Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ):" A good pair of shoes are beautiful fashion part. Design of high quality shoes, in need of comfort, quality and style to find a balance between. " The sneaker is always Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) which looks down, " they are a pale, and often filthy! "In the face of achievement, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) touch on lightly: " I own everything, love was beyond words. I still feel very surprised. I think it was fate, because I never thought to be famous. "To Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) evaluation:Bianca Garg: " he is not only a good shoemaker, but a great artist. "Sandra Bernhard: " his fine Shoes Sexy pole. "Paloma Picasso: " I can't live without my Manolo Blahnik shoes ( Manolo Blahnik ), even in the dream also is. "The Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) brand archives:English Name: Manolo BlahnikChinese Name: Manolo Blahnik, also translated as: Manolo Blahnik.Country: United KingdomCreate time: 1972Created by: Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik )Products: high shoesMoro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) flagship store: London Chelsea zone ( Old Church Street, Chelsea London )Honor: " Commander of the British 2007 Empire " honorary titleNot long ago exposed for you visvim new season shoes ARENI FOLK, in exchange for some fans mixed reviews, while visvim more before the beginning of the zigzag sole use ARENI removed, changed back to most Welcome to the Vibram soles, but also adds some points for this new style. Until recently, visvim ARENI FOLK once again released a high-top style, the same Italian cowhide and buffalo leather blend, continuing with signature eel cap rivets details, also equipped with Vibram soles made price equal to the low to help with money, with bits 68,000 yen, interested friends may wish to reference note. & nbsp; Source: visvimNike Lunar Force 1 Chicago NikeSportswear 2013-12-08 22:49:27 Force Lunar 1, Broolyn announced this week will launch a Lunar Force 1 city series. Today we bring the new Chicago, shoes with a red Fuse material to build the whole body of the shoe toe, joined the classic burst pattern elements, and then to mainly is loaded "CHI TOWN" graffiti words, to show its special status. It is reported that this Nike Lunar Force 1 Chicago note will be in the United States in 22 this month to develop shop sales.Yesterday, a pair of Nike for Erwin children every Saturday training inspired by the creation of a pair of brand new color Kyrie 1 shoes, so that many friends shouted, but the only version of the children's version of the serious impediment to everyone's desire to buy, but! When Erwin attended the press conference, he was wearing the color matching! But it's a pity that these shoes are really the only pair that can fit the size of an adult, and maybe NikeiD is also a choice to meet this little regret.About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. Vans recently announced its professional extension Pro Skate in the "ArcAd" series will launch a new Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd shoes, the shoe upper is made of high-grade leather crafted, including black and white black white two colors, and equipped with a Ultra Cush HD soles and thickened soles, comfort full marks. It is reported that the shoes on July 8th rainfall officially released, limited 700 pairs.0001.jpg (42.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:09 upload 〈br more="" photos="" below... 0002.jpg (39.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:09 upload 0003.jpg (49.3 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:09 upload 0004.jpg (44.04 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:09 upload 0005.jpg (44.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:09 upload 000〉0001.jpg (16.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-15 08:44 upload Lacoste is definitely a French